7 Reasons Why Foreigners Choose to Retire in the Philippines

Travel destinations in the Philippines

The Philippines, a small country in Southeast Asia is a haven for foreign retirees. Many of them settled here with their family and are happily living here for a long time.

Stunning waterfalls at Alamada, Philippines. (Photo by Crizaldy Diverson from Pexels)

Here are 7 reasons why foreigners chose to retire in the Philippines.

1. The Filipino people.

A Filipino family. (Photo by Migs Reyes from Pexels)

The number one reason why foreigners chose to stay for good in the Philippines is because of its people. Filipinos are warm, loving, and hospitable. They have close family ties and they respect the elders. Most Filipinos like to sing and dance. They like to entertain their guests with music. Aside from this, Filipinos are fluent in speaking and writing in English making it easy for them to talk and understand the foreigners.

2. Low cost of living

A busy street in one of the cities of the Philippines. (Photo by Marfil Graganza Aquino from Pexels)

With their monthly pension, foreigners can comfortably retire in the Philippines. If they live the locals, eat like the locals they can save a lot of money. With 1,000 Philippine Pesos or USD 20, they can dine in a decent restaurant good for two people. The Philippines has plenty of cheap vegetables and meat. One can buy plenty of it in the supermarket. Transportation is also cheap in the Philippines. Regarding real estate, the cost will depend on the location of the property. If you buy it in a commercial area or within the city, it is expensive but if you buy a land or house and lot in the province you can find one at a lower cost.

3. The food

There is no denying that Filipino food is one of the best tasting foods in the world. When a person thinks of Filipino food these foods come into mind: crispy and juicy lechon baboy (roasted pig), kare-kare, bulalo, balbacua, kinilaw, afritada, pinakbet, pancit, taho, and many more. Every Filipino household has its specialty in making these foods. If you are a guest in a Filipino house, be prepared to taste at least one of these foods serve by the house owner.

4. Beautiful and natural tourist destinations.

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. (Photo by Simon Clayton from Pexels)

From world-class pristine and crystal clear beach, waterfalls, mountains, and forests, the Philippines have plenty of these to offer for tourists. Famous tourist destinations are Palawan, Boracay, Cebu, Batanes, Baguio, and Bohol. There are many least known destinations but equally stunning and breathtaking views. Some of these are Camiguin, Zamboanga, Siquijor, and Bukidnon. The Philippines has plenty of options for tourists to choose from.

5. Rich culture and heritage.

The Philippines is a mix of different tribes and has many different languages. Also, it has long been influenced by Spanish, Chinese, and Americans during the old days. It has adapted its beliefs and traditions from these countries as well. Today, foreigners can see some beautiful architectures and celebrations that date back to the earlier days of Philippine history.

6. The Filipina.

The women of the Philippines is called a Filipina. They are known for their beauty, gracefulness, and loyalty. Filipinas are also known to be caring and loyal to their spouses. Many foreigners choose a Filipina for their wife and settle in the Philippines.

7. The weather.

The Philippines has two seasons: the wet and dry season. It is a tropical country and the weather is mostly warm and humid. Sometimes there is a storm or typhoon in some parts of the country but mostly it is nice sunny weather throughout the year. Most foreigners prefer this tropical country to their home country which is cold and most of the time covered with snow.

Whatever reasons the foreigners might have for living in the Philippines, this country has a lot more to offer and will continue to emerge as the fastest-growing country in Southeast Asia.

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