Hondaafushi Island Resort Maldives

There are many reasons why tourists keep on coming back to the Maldives. The top three of them are sun, sea, and sand. A perfect background for Instagram photos.

At the north end of the Maldives is Haa Dhaalu Atoll. It is where you can find Hondaafushi Island Resort. It is a 50-minute domestic flight from the main airport of the Maldives which is Velana International Airport. The domestic flight lands at Hanimaadhoo airport after which a 15-minute speedboat ride will take the guests to the resort.

Hondaafushi Island Resort is a large island with an impressive beach.

Hondaafushi Island  Resort t is a 59 hectares island with a 4-kilometer beach line. It has 55 spacious guest rooms along the beach. Each guest room boasts a breathtaking view of the ocean. This resort offers one of the lowest rates for the all-inclusive package.

Guest love the soft, powdery white sand with a nice view from their bungalows.

Maldives All-inclusive Resort

The all-inclusive package includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and selected drinks at the restaurant and bar. It also includes complimentary soft drinks at the minibar in the guest room. The all-inclusive package also includes snacks, coffee, and tea every day from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm at the Thila Bar. It is a big value for money considering you are in the Maldives enjoying the sun, sea, and sand plus a lot more.

The resort has 3 types of guest rooms: Deluxe Beach Bungalows, Superior Beach bungalows, and Family Beach Bungalows. All the rooms have complimentary coffee and tea facilities, a minibar, and an outdoor shower. Deluxe beach bungalows feature a bathtub. This room has a coffee-making machine which is chargeable.

This resort has lush vegetation with different kinds of beautiful flowers. One side of the island has no built structures, only trees and shrubs are there. The resort has a bar with a large swimming pool that boasts a spectacular view of the sunset. There are plenty of delicious cocktails to choose from. Every Monday and Friday there is a DJ night at the bar so guests can enjoy good music while having a drink.

The resort has lush greenery and beautiful flowers.
The infinity pool with an amazing view of the beach. Guests can enjoy cocktails while relaxing at the pool.
Watching the breathtaking sunset makes the holiday experience memorable.

The resort’s main restaurant provides international cuisine with different theme nights. The dining area has a panoramic view of the ocean.

The spectacular view from the main restaurant.

The water at the beach is so clear and warm. The sand is so fine and soft. There is a sense of comfort when your feet touch the sand. At the beach, you can see different fishes including baby sharks and occasionally some stingrays. Every year in September, guests can view the turtle egg hatching on one side of the beach.

At Jetty No. 2. This amazing view is worth a visit.

The resort organizes four excursions: snorkeling, a lucky dolphin watch, a local island trip, and night fishing. The guests will ride a dhoni for these excursions.  Dhoni is a traditional boat of the Maldives. Other activities include diving, kayaking, stand-up paddling, and riding the jet ski. Guests can also play beach volleyball, table tennis and dart. For the book lovers, there is a library located at the reception where they can choose from many books in different languages. There are also bicycles for rent for guests who would like to cycle around the island. The best thing to do is to lie on the sunbed outside the room to relax and enjoy the view.

The reception is open 24 hours to serve the guests.
Guests can rent a bicycle for $5 per day to cycle around the island.
The library at the reception has plenty of choices for book lovers.

Every night at 7:30 there is a fish feeding at jetty no. 1. You can see different kinds of fish including baby sharks, stingrays, and occasionally a full-grown shark. The resort also organizes an island cleaning once a month where guests can participate together with the staff to collect trash and put them in a dustbin bag.

The view from jetty no. 2 (also called the long jetty) is amazing.

The management and staff of the resort are very friendly and helpful.

This resort has a lot more to offer. Overall, it is worth a visit once in a lifetime if you are going to the Maldives.

To book your stay, you can simply book online thru or You can also visit the resort website here.


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